A new year, a new beginning and new Living Room ideas for a perfect home decor

A living room is a place where friends and family spend quality time together at home. So, living rooms should look inviting and tastefully done. They should be elegant and harmonious, such that it fits the personality of the people who use it. There are endless possibilities of decorating ideas for the living room. But the first question is – What will it be used for?

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For example – It could be used for a space to watch television, or have gatherings or have a dining space included. Before we start with living room ideas, you must decide the functional needs of your living room.

What are some living room ideas?

The essential component of drawing room decoration ideas is finding out the key aspects of the space available, colour themes, the right kind of furniture and fancy accessories. When you have a large room to be styled, the use of space is a must. Well thought out use of carpets and furniture can make for a balanced environment that appeals to the senses. One of the major point to be taken care of in small living room decorating ideas is giving impression of space. You will need clever colour schemes for walls and addition of textures with bricks or tiles. Other small living room ideas could be finding the right balance of furnishings providing a relaxed atmosphere. Another living room idea is to use pastel tones as per your wish.


What type of flooring should I use in my living room?


Living Room Ideas

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Living Room Ideas

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Living room Ideas

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You will find a plethora of living room ideas for flooring available in the market. You may choose from wood, stone, tiles or cover the floor completely or partly with a carpet. It is a beautiful living room idea to have soft furnishing under the feet for more comfort and lightness. But if you fancy a timelessly elegant and classy flooring then a wooden flooring is the perfect living room idea for making a great impression on your guests. Though high-quality wooden floor looks fabulous, it requires high-maintenance.

How do I select a living room design?


Living room ideas

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Living Room Ideas

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While looking for living room ideas, the most crucial part is designing the room that appeals to all members living in the house. Some consult interior designers and keep experimenting with the living room décor on their own. Others prefer a minimalistic style living room which is ideal living room idea for those who keep rearranging their furniture and accessories after moving from one city to another. A lot of families have small houses. They look out for small living room ideas on a budget.  Big families often opt for a huge living room which is well furnished and spacious and neutral families look for modern living room ideas.

Are there any specific decorating ideas for living room?

Living room ideas

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Decorating ideas for a living room should not include stuffing furniture and accessories in the room. To truly make it comfortable, it is necessary to find a balance between modern and flexible furniture. If you are trying to find smaller living room ideas, maximize space utilization, let’s say by mounting the television set on the wall. Avoid going overboard with living room decoration. Manage the seating place in a manner that there is enough place for your guests to move around. Include a decorative focal point like an attractive painting or a mirror. Sometimes flowers around the room make the room seem more pleasant and light with an organic feel. Two primary rules for living room ideas are balance and harmony.

What are some small living room ideas?

 Living Room Ideas

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A small living room can present a few design challenges, but with the right design ideas, small spaces can be transformed to create magnificent living rooms. Small living room ideas in the budget include using lighter colours to give the impression of space and avoiding bright tones. Try not to fill the room with accessories and decorative stuff, although a couple of paintings or flowers are welcome. Using clever furniture in the living room and paying attention to light makes the space cosy and welcoming.

Some of the most popular living room ideas

Country style living rooms:

Country Style Living room ideas

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You will find traditional features like broad timber beams, brick-built hearths in country style living rooms. The living room idea in this style calls for undecorated wooden floors and they are known to work very well. Other additions include accessories like candles and a large dining table. The country style will be perfect for a spacious bungalow on the outskirts of a smaller city such as Trivandrum or Jaipur. Incorporate vintage or retroelements in the decoration of your living room to achieve the country theme successfully.

Minimalist living rooms:

Minimalist style living room ideas

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The basic idea of minimalism is to create a harmonious and balanced living room without making it seem cold. It is drawn with the techniques of a modernist architecture which makes most out of as little as possible. Open space merges well with stark, sleek lines. Carpet and seating should be strategically placed so as to simplify the living room as much as possible.

Classic living rooms Ideas:

Classic Style living room ideas
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For a lot of people looking for modern living room ideas, a classic living room is can also express modernity if decorated the right way. The two most important factors for classic living room ideas are space and abundant light. Usually, traditional or classic designs have generous seating, vibrant colours and decorations, but they still possess a supreme amount of balance or poise in the arrangement. One of the best addition to a classical living room are flowers that add warmth and lightness to the arrangement.

Rustic style living rooms:


Rustic Style living room ideas

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Rustic style living room idea is to make the drawing room seem large, spacious and welcoming. That can be achieved by making use of big windows and decorative curtains and a combination of brick fireplaces, wooden floors and sideboards.  Making use of impressive timber beams is a modern living room idea that helps create living spaces where the whole family can spend quality time together. An antique rug is a perfect way to bring an old-world charm to your living room. A striking, wood-beamed ceiling creates a modern and medieval space designed for luxury living.

Modern living rooms ideas:

Modern Style Living Room ideas

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Modern living rooms idea sits between the stylish minimalist designs and the energy of classic designs. They are never cluttered or chaotic, with skilfully chosen decorations and accessories such as designer seating and lighting. A classically modern living room design will generally avoid bright colours, preferring pure white walls and muted tones.

Where can I find beautiful living rooms ideas?

If you are on the lookout for living room ideas for 2018, Shaan Decor is the right place to be. Our website provides you with pictures and ideas that help you to design or renovate your living room and style it in a country, modern or minimalist styles. It also helps you to choose the right colour, material and furniture needed to make the living room a better place. To find trending ideas on how to design your dining room check out our blog on Modern Dining Room ideas here.

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