Modern Dining room Ideas for having a great Family Time

Great memories are made around the dining room table with friends and family. This multi-functional room is used for everyday dinner time with family and friends, during lazy Sunday afternoons and lavish dinner parties. So it’s crucial that the interior design style matches with the versatility of space to make it more inviting, comfortable and functional. The sky’s the limit for dining room ideas. People can choose between modern open plan kitchen-diner or traditional separate room to dine depending on their taste and style. There are lots of elements to casual dining room ideas that need to be considered while planning your dining area.

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The family which eats together stays together.

According to studies eating together is a great way to deepen the bonds in the family. A well-designed dining room dedicated to meals and family time encourages family dinners. The dining room is the place which is more comfortable and inviting to encourage a way of eating together.


Modern Dining room ideas to bring everyone around the table

Invest in a good dining table

This piece of furniture will be the centrepiece of the dining room where you spend quality time with your family having your meals. The dining table is something which is both seen and utilized a lot more than any furniture, so choose it wisely. Perfect tables for homes lies in different shapes, designs, and styles.

The shape of your dining table should be the first consideration depending on the space available. When the shape has been decided, the materials and style follow.

The rectangular dining table is the most functional shape which allows playfulness of styles. A fine example of a rectangular table is this glossy minimalist table

Dining table for best dining room ideas
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For compact spaces square shape dinings are perfect. Whereas a roundtable gives you more space to walk around, and it is well suited for formal style dining rooms. People also consider oval and free-form shape dining table for a different look.

Invest in comfortable chairs

Bring home good seating arrangement around the dining table. Comfort is the key when it comes to the gathering of people and dines together. Chairs should easily slide under the table with or without the arms. Having extra chairs is always a good idea in case unexpected or last-minute guests come along.

Incorporate Storage or console

Make a place for kitchen and dining equipment by including a  console or credenza in your dining room. Ensure that your dining room looks attractive as well as practical for the entire family to gather. This place will be used for everyday dinnerware that you can pull out at mealtime.

Make A Statement

Decorate your dining in a way that feels warm and well furnished. Other dining room idea could be placing a statement wallpaper, bold chandelier or a rug to delineate your dining area. The rug can act as a stylish focus for your dining area. You can use natural fibre rug, such as jute or sisal, which are built to withstand foot traffic and wear and tear.

Set The Mood

Create a good ambience for an experience bestowing pleasure to all your senses. Set the right mood by adding multiple lighting sources. Choosing overhead lighting for your dining area. The pendant makes for a good dining room idea to add that brightness and sculptural appeal to your dining area.

Make meal times better for family and friends

Best dining room ideas


Let the visually appealing dining room accessories like lanterns, ceramic jars, and cabinetry handles add to the wow factor in your dining room area. The right lighting like the candlelit dines décor offers a glowing dinner table that looks sumptuous. You can also use a table lamp or two on a buffet or small table to light it up gracefully. Store some cushions and chair pads to make game nights more comfortable for your guests. These are some dining room decorating ideas to make your dining area elegant and classy.

Yes a 24-hour dining room is a thing

Create a dining area where you can eat, work and play all in one. It allows your family and friends to gather throughout the day. Make room for an extendable table, consider a stackable set of sturdier extra seats or foldable chairs to create more space. The bench can also be used with the seats to give the unique contemporary look and accommodate more people, feel free to mix style with armrests to make it more comfortable.

Small apartment dining room ideas

Best Dining Room Ideas

Compact rooms are not a barrier to make your dream dining area. There are a lot of dining room ideas for small places to make your mealtime more pleasing. Fitting the dining table into your kitchen or living space is not a big deal, it’s just that we have to plan the things accordingly not everyone has a separate dining room in their house. Round dining table with armless chairs helps you visually enhance the space and the slender shape tables will also work for narrow places. Keep wall paint of small dining area in muted tones and let the furniture add to the beauty. Avoid using too many accessories like wall plates or big paintings in your dining area and make the space look clutter-free.

The dining room interiors need to take cues from your unique personal style and should be both livable and functional serving the basic purpose for a family to sit together and have a great meal.

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