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2019 holds a promise of coming back to our roots and to the nature defining a living space uniquely built for you.  This year, you can expect neutral colour palates and minimalistic interior décor. Nowadays people demand minimalist product designs. So, designers and architects are creating pieces with natural materials giving it an offbeat look. Their main objective is to have many functionalities and smart forms to create harmony with nature. The old is being renovated to make contemporary furniture.


Apart from this, the traditional organic materials, like wood, glass, and stone are gaining value. The innovation comes with the strength and durability of the materials. Also, terrazzo and terracotta are important to the creation of the pieces because it’s a new trend in the materials composition scene.

Increased usage of Natural Wood

Interior Design Trends 2019


Wood has the ability to give warmth to any interior weather in a form of a furniture or floor or even a wooden wall. Flaunt your beautiful beams used for support by exposing them and all you need to do to protect them is by using transparent lacquer. It is also a great idea to make use of a natural edge dining table or coffee table into your kitchen or living room. This year, the kitchen particularly will follow more natural wood finishes, unlike last year’s clean look. This year, the décor will be done in Scandinavian style keeping straight lines and light wood tones which is quite refreshing. While white kitchens may have been the trend over the past few years, this clean look will quietly give way to more natural wood finishes.

Contemporary Vintage Furniture

Interior Design Trends 2019
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You may have come across beautiful furniture and décor artefacts from the time of your grandparents. These antique and vintage furniture pieces will always remain timeless and always hold a value of their own. But in 2019 these beautiful structures have found a new design role. Most of the people who bought antique furniture in the past had a vintage home design. Now home designers have started to combine antique and vintage furniture pieces with modern home design and the results are fantastic. A traditional desk and a modern desk chair make a dynamic combination. You can place traditional tables with modern sofas and chairs in the living room.

Minimal Design trends

 Interior Design Trends 2019

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We live in the days of a complex, dynamic and utterly fast-paced digital world. And it is a natural human tendency to seek comfort in aesthetically beautiful views. Instead of stuffing the house with too much heavy furniture and dec-orative pieces, making a careful selection of necessary pieces for each space makes more sense. It helps to focus on what’s good and makes life uncluttered and happier. There is also a trending idea related to slow life. It means living more consciously, saving space and giving priority to ageless sustainable materials around us. Furniture with minimalist design appeal to a great number of young people.

Colour palettes

Interior Design Trends 2019
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2019 is all about subtle and soft hues with an appreciation of natural and earthy hues. People’s demands are on the rise for millennial rose to terracotta. These colours bring with them great beauty and harmony in different projects and environments of the house. The idea is to create a seductive and timeless air which also guarantees a warm and natural decoration – especially in combination with wood. The search for well-being also shows the green and blue tones in different nuances. The green represents naturalness, spring and hope, and gains variations until the turquoise. The blue is serious, it has a calming and pleasant effect.


Flexibility in furniture

Interior Design Trends 2019
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As the cities are growing, more people are shifting homes. The need for a more personal, urban housing is on the rise. The plight of the people can be understood by the fact that people have only 20 m² to relax, work, receive friends and sleep. This situation should never mean giving up well being. Due to this lack of spacial apartments, intelligent, flexible and multi-functional furniture are being manufactured. Using a tucked away under-counter table or built-in benches with under-seat storage and slimmed down pieces can increase the sense of space even in small homes.

Materials, forms and comfort

Interior Design Trends 2019

The materials used in home décor should inspire comfort. When one steps into the home, they should feel revitalized and re-energized. Graphic patterns, monochrome palettes and floral themes have gained popularity in the area of coatings such as fabrics and carpets. Incidentally, decorative floors and surfaces are much more than just a decorative item. They inspire individual styles and bring comfort to the environment. Metallic and chrome-plated tones should also appear strongly throughout 2019. Using light woods promises spaciousness, naturalness and a sense of lightness to small environments – It is a great idea to invest in this trend.

Bathrooms and Spa

Interior Design Trends 2019
Source: Victorian Plumbing

In 2019, natural materials are on the rise. More people are looking for thermally treated wood and marble as the main surfaces for washbasins, cabinets, walls and floors. Even the baths have new with their beautiful designs, stand out in the bathrooms. Now, the bathrooms are not only linked to hygiene, but it’s also a place for beauty and relaxation where the space to feel comfortable and fresh is important. Next year, the bathrooms will take up more space. It can be achieved by making cabinets occupy less space and shifting of the washing closets or basin to other locations that bring a sense of space in the washrooms.

You may have a vision about how to design your home’s interiors. But you can take these trends into consideration for a home that is not only fashionable but also has your personal touch. Also, check out our blog on the latest living room trends of 2018 here.

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