Make your space Bright & Happy With Unique Christmas home Decor Ideas

Holidays are rare to find. So these precious holidays are always a time to celebrate. From Black Friday to Christmas to New Year’s Eve, the merrymaking and good cheer should continue till the next year and be passed on for a wonderful beginning. Christmas decorations usher a holiday spirit making us invest our creative energies to deck our houses charmingly. Here are 6 Christmas home decor ideas that are easy and fun. You can also share your ideas about how you decorate your homes for the year-end festivities.

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Christmas Home Decor Ideas for your dining area


Christmas Home Decor

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Christmas is a time for merrymaking and arranging our surroundings in a manner that speaks loud of a celebratory mood. It is a time when kids too get picky and choosy about how their home should look. However, the best type of Christmas decor trends in 2018 is the one that doesn’t ignore functionality. It’s quite simple to craft handmade Christmas ornaments and spruce up the living and dining room for the festivities and meals with family and friends. Balls of Holly and Mistletoe adorned with shiny gold jingle bells on a Santa Claus fills the home with a joyful vibe. That beautiful red ribbon can be hung from the chandelier. If that’s missing, any beautiful source of light would do. For easy and relaxed Christmas decorations you can buy a simple wreath made out of twigs and artificial berries to add a cosy and welcoming touch to the tables. To make the room even more inviting light up a scented candle. Finish this look with elegant holiday napkins crafted out of rich red fabric placed in golden napkin holders. Bring out the best of your cutlery that sparkles in the glittery Christmas light.

Festive Floral Arrangements

Christmas Home Decor festive

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Flowers somehow always breathe life into any place with their beauty, mesmerizing and vibrant colour palettes and wonderful scents. They have to ability to revive any dull and boring spaces. Keeping Christmas home decor simple and colourful is the best way to really celebrate the festivities. Sticking to earth’s natural tones and slightly rough woods is a good idea. A simple pine plant can be adorned with wooden Christmas trinkets and ribbons placed on the porch. For centrepieces choose bold red and white amaryllis to make it look wonderful and lively when incorporated into a candy-cane motif.

Modern Decor Delights 


Christmas Home Decor modern decor

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A lot of people love the traditional way of celebrating Christmas preferring wooden accents, thick garlands and candles. But it may not be everyone’s go-to style. You may prefer an upbeat and modern way of celebrations that could actually be playful. Instead of standard red and green, monochrome ornamentations fall in the top Christmas Decor Trends for 2018. From easy decoration tricks to smart wrapping ideas, this monochrome format is all about keeping things simple and elegant without taking away the festive spirit, so you can really enjoy those little, indulgent moments with friends and family to the full.

Christmas Kitchen Makeover

Christmas Home Decor kitchen makeover

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Food and holidays are inseparable. So, when you’re thinking about Christmas decor ideas, pay attention to the kitchen as well. It really doesn’t require a huge budget to transform a kitchen into a wonderful section of your home. Swap the dish towels and oven mitts with Christmas themed counterparts purchasable at any home goods store. Get a garland beautified with red ribbons and twinkling lights. These can be laid across cabinets making the kitchen livelier and cosy. If you feel there is more that can be done, you can draw or print red and white snowflakes and hang them around. Use cute little mini trees or nutcrackers laid perfectly on counter tops and in corners.

Space-Saving Christmas

Christmas Home Decor tree

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A six-feet tall and evergreen Christmas tree is not a necessity for Christmas home decor. If you have space constraints, conserve as much of it as you can. A smaller tree can be decorated with fairy lights and ornaments. To raise the height of the tree, you can use old books and pile them up to place the Christmas tree on top. Decorate the ceiling with cut out paper snowflakes to give your house a festive feel.

Christmas home decor for your mantelpiece decoration

Christmas Home Decor mantlepiece

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What’s a Christmas home decor without the Mantelpiece decked up with ornaments and stockings? You can make an empty hearth a focus point by embellishing it with a stack of beautifully gift-wrapped packages in foils, ribbons and handmade gift tags.
Another style of bold arrangement involves the use of cheery poinsettias, festive berries and foliage that look impressive in a classic scheme. Complete the look with a beautifully styled over-mantel mirror, symmetrically positioned lanterns, and gaiety of the florals.
Be ready for Santa’s imminent arrival by hanging traditional red and white stockings above the fire. Give them company with some cute robins and some freshly cut ivy.

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