10 Kitchen decor ideas to upgrade your Kitchen

The kitchen is the busiest room in the entire house meant for cooking, eating, entertaining and socializing. A kitchen is the heart of a home where meals are prepared that fills the family and guests with wholesome love. When it comes to Kitchen decor ideas, one has to keep in mind their lifestyle, needs and budget. Making a kitchen functional by investing in kitchen cabinets and worktops can really go a long way in increasing the value of your home. Here some best Kitchen decor ideas.

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A small table can make a big difference

 Kitchen decor ideas

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A proper full-size table may be very hard to fit in a kitchen design layout due to an obvious lack of space. But a small and light table with simple and light chairs or stools can do the trick of filling in the extra space without making the kitchen look over-crowded. It can also become a great place to have a quick meal or catch up with your morning tea.

 A touch of an extra colour

 Kitchen decor ideas colour scheme

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 An interesting kitchen design idea is to have a singular colour scheme as it makes the appearance of the kitchen seem larger. But if you accentuate or highlight a certain section of the kitchen in a different colour that matches well with the main colour, it enhances the look and feel of the cooking area. Also going for a colourful kitchen theme lifts up the mood of your entire kitchen which comes out in your cooking as well.

Priceless white marble kitchen

Kitchen decor ideas marble top

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If you are ready to invest in a plush kitchen décor idea, then using reflecting marble throughout the kitchen will not only make the kitchen look larger and more luxurious, it will also grab the attention of all your guests. It may be more expensive, but it is a one-time investment and definitely worth its price. Another advantage of using marble is that it is easy to clean.


Catch Phrases that can light up your mood


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 A small way of making your work in the kitchen more enjoyable is by adding small portraits of catchphrases related to cooking and eating. This will keep motivating you to cook better meals for your family and guests and fill up an empty space that previously looked awkward. It’s a simple kitchen decorating idea which will put a smile on your face every time you step into the kitchen.

Pretty little kitchen things for kitchen decor ideas

 Kitchen decor ideas Indiavaale

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One of the most important kitchen decor ideas includes the setting of stylish kitchen wares. More and more people are adopting the contemporary kitchen equipment like ceramic spoon rests and snack serving sets that add a traditional touch to their cooking space. These can easily be found at Indiavaale and they provide a rustic and homely feel to the kitchen. So, pick out your cutlery wisely.


Saying no to too many cupboards is a good kitchen décor idea

 Kitchen decor ideas without drawers

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Having too many kitchen cupboards is not an ideal kitchen design idea as it can make the kitchen cluttered and hard to work in. Rather add shelves beneath the cupboard or you can also hang utensils to save space. This saved space can be used for constructing a window that lets the sunlight in and makes the kitchen airy.


Brighten up the kitchen 

Kitchen decor ideas lights

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Pendant lamps may seem a little space consuming but they bring warmth and cosiness to a small kitchen. Fortunately, the height of these kitchen lamps can be adjusted during cooking. Another way of filling the kitchen with comfortable lighting are big ceiling lamps. These balance the awkwardness of high ceilings in a small kitchen and also brighten up the cooking space.

A pastel shade for good mood

 Kitchen decor ideas pastel colours

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For a kitchen design layout, pastel colours are light and soothing and lend the kitchen a beautiful feel while cooking. Dark colours should be avoided in the kitchen as they make a kitchen look depressing which can creep into your cooking style. Choose the pastel shade that matches with the rest of the house’s colour scheme.

No spill policy

 Kitchen decor ideas Indiavaale

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Kitchen decor ideas may be grand and beautify the most commonly used room’s look. But it is also necessary to retain that look for a longer period of time. A kitchen should be cleaned regularly to retain its charm. While cooking it is important to avoid spilling the food on the work table. This can be done by using ceramic trivets and serving plates and platters. Designer table trivets along with serving plates and platters can be found at Indiavaale. They will not only protect your kitchen, but they will also make your kitchen look trendy and modern. Give your kitchen a makeover with kitchen and dining products from Indiavaale.

Use Pull-out cabinets and Shelves

Kitchen decor ideas drawers

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Drawers are definitely a better kitchen décor idea than the old style shelves especially now when we have moved to modular kitchens. Drawers are meant for comfortable storage and easy usage due to the obvious reason- easy visibility of stored items and retrieving the stored items. However, drawers can be efficiently functional only if they are planned well to keep the things organized and uncluttered. Modular drawers are trendy and give the kitchen a seamless and elegant look. They are very much in vogue and will continue to be for many years.

Put Up Tiles on your Kitchen walls

Kitchen decor ideas tiles

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There is a huge variety of tiles available in India of all possible colours and designs. Depending on the size, theme and colour scheme of your kitchen, you can choose to put tiles in place of empty walls below the cabinets. Another option is to use bright and colourful paints with kitchen design ideas that add modern charm to your kitchen.

We hope we’ve been able to help you decide how to work on your kitchen décor. If you’ve queries or ideas to share with us, please feel free to put it in the comment section below. Your opinion is valuable to us.

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